Individual Anxiety Therapy in Uptown Dallas Texas


​In an individual counseling session, we will start by exploring your current and past struggles that are interfering with your happiness. The therapist will ask questions and clarify to ensure that they fully understand. With compassionate support and therapeutic strategies, we will work together to get you to a better place. With each session, we hope for self-discovery, healing, and growth.

Bright Space Therapy - Adolescent Anxiety Therapy in Dallas and Plano, TX


Adolescence is full of transitions. As we all know, change is hard. As adolescents transition from childhood to adulthood, many issues can arise. The rise of social media has made the teenage years even more complex and confusing. Adolescents need a neutral person who understands their world to help guide them through this transition. At Bright Space, we find great joy in connecting with our teenage clients and find that our therapy style helps these clients to open up and share more easily. We work with adolescents to help increase maturity, self esteem, confidence, and decision making skills while also helping to prepare them for the next step in their life. 

Bright Space Therapy - Play Therapy in Plano Texas


Children communicate using play. In the play room, children are allowed to express themselves with specifically made, therapeutic toys. This kind of play allows the therapist to see into the child's world and understand it from their perspective. Once we can understand what is going on, healing can begin using many different play therapy techniques including role play, art therapy, sand play, feelings games and more. 

In play therapy, parent involvement is essential. During parent consultation, we will offer strategies 

and feedback that the parent can utilize in their home to better support their child and speed up the healing process. We strongly believe that in order for change to occur, the whole family should be involved. 

Bright Space Therapy - Life Coaching in Uptown Dallas and Plano Texas


Is stress affecting everything you do? 

Are you feeling lost or stuck? 

You don't have to feel this way. We provide a supportive, safe environment to explore your concerns and how they may be impacting your life in a negative way. 

We use life coaching for clients who are psychologically stable and well adjusted but are just stuck and unsure how to move forward in a positive way. Life coaching can be more hands-on and flexible in where we meet and what we are doing in session. Life coaching will involve more active goal setting and be solution-focused. Life coaching focuses more on your present and future goals and less on what happened in the past.

Bright Space Therapy - Walk and Talk Therapy in Uptown Dallas and Plano Texas


Walk and talk is therapy out in nature to reconnect our bodies and our minds. We walk and talk at your pace, take breaks at your discretion and only do what you’re comfortable in doing.


We offer walk and talk therapy sessions for those who feel most comfortable with a therapist by their side.​ We find this works well for teens and adults to take the pressure off of sitting and talking face to face.  

**This service has limited availability during daylight hours and may have a waitlist. 

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As a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, Katie Nix can provide natural methods to improve metal health. Nutritional therapy focuses on looking for imbalances in the body that may be impacting mental health and mood negatively. Using lab assessments, we can get a clear understanding of what may be impacting your mental health negatively. These assessments can provide insight in finding the right supplements, diet, and tools for your specific needs to target better health, mood, sleep, and overall well-being. 

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​In a couples counseling session, we will start by exploring your current and past struggles that are interfering with your relationship. The therapist 

will ask questions and clarify to ensure that they fully understand. With compassionate support and therapeutic strategies, we will work together to get your relationship to a better place. With each session, we hope for healing, and growth.

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For your convenience, all of our therapists offer telehealth services using video conferencing software. This is for clients who would like to work with one of our therapists but simply cannot make it to the office. This can be used from time to time in between face to face sessions or from start to finish for all of your therapy sessions. Please note, this is only available for Texas residents and might not be the right fit for every client.