Break the cycle. You can heal. We can help. 

We are a private counseling practice with office locations in Uptown Dallas, Plano, and Austin. We have 8 licensed therapists on staff that offer in person and virtual counseling for a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, relational stress, trauma, and more.
Our rates range from $80-$150 for 50 minute sessions and most of our therapists are private pay (no insurance) although we do have a few therapists in network with Aetna and UHCRates for extended or intensive sessions are available upon request. 
Our therapists are passionate about connecting with each client and family that we serve and specialize in working with children, teens, young adults, and couples to overcome obstacles that are interfering in their daily lives and help them obtain a greater level of fulfillment. Our offices provide a comfortable, safe space to open up and share free of judgement or bias. 


  • Quality: We use strategies that have been researched and proven effective. We also maintain small caseloads so we can be available in between sessions.

  • Active: Most of our clients have had an experience with a passive therapist who sat and nodded their head. That’s not us. We will actively support and push you in a kind way to find the results you’re looking for.

  • Convenient: Our therapists offer in office, online, walk and talk sessions, and secure messaging to help make therapy fit more seamlessly into your life.


  • Our Specialties: anxiety, depression, self harm, trauma, suicidal ideation, shame, perfectionism, relationship struggles, grief, work/ life balance, OCD, body image issues, difficult life transitions, breakups, divorce, and more. 



  • Call for a free phone consultation to ask questions and see if we are a good fit or feel free to schedule online through our online portal!



  • Call 214-444-3649 or use our online portal to schedule your first appointment.

  • You’ll be sent a link to complete the required therapy forms online. If completing forms or scheduling online feels uncomfortable, call us! 

  • The first session usually consists of you talking about past and present issues that you have experienced in your life. The following sessions usually consist of creating action plans and healing. 

  • At the end of your session, we’ll usually touch base about a goal for next week because while we love you coming in, we really want to help you take action.

  • Together, we will discuss the recommended frequency of therapy for your individual needs and schedule your next appointment.

  • I highly recommend that you review our payment policies. We accept self-pay credit/debit cards, HSA & FSA cards, cash, or check. You will be asked to provide a credit/debit card to be kept on file in order to secure your first appointment.



  • Our therapists are available during the day, in the evenings, and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. 

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