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About Mindy

 “A lot of what looks dead is really just biding its time” ~ Dickon says this to Mary in the Broadway musical adaption of A Secret Garden. As you may know, this children’s story describes the harsh childhood of a young girl named Mary who discovers an abandoned garden on her uncle’s property. Although the garden initially appears to be dead, Dickon and a few other friends teach Mary that with regular attention and nourishment, it can be made beautiful again. The children work hard to revive the garden and, in the process, help the whole family come back to life. 


To me, this story is a beautiful metaphor for the counseling process. Perhaps you have experienced one or many of the losses, traumas, injustices, diagnoses, changes, or confusing circumstances that can make life difficult. Perhaps there are aspects of your life that for various reasons, like Mary’s garden, you have neglected or locked away. No matter the types of challenges you face or how daunting they feel, I believe there exists in you an indestructible vitality ready to be revived and strengthened. Counseling offers a way to tend to this essential part of yourself. It can provide a place to find relief, strengthen your abilities, and experience supportive care. Amazingly, as we heal ourselves, those around us are invited to heal, too.  


My own positive experiences as a client are what motivated me to become a therapist. In counseling, I learned to talk about painful experiences, connect more fully with my emotions, and discover important things about myself that I had previously repressed in order to survive an abusive childhood and adolescence. (But don’t worry, counseling is not always about processing one’s childhood.) It is my honor to help humans of all ages and types who are ready to invest in their own growth.


I am especially passionate about working with creatives, those who identify as Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), and those seeking greater connection with their intuition (no matter how “far away” your creativity or intuition may feel). Other passions of mine include helping clients overcome personal and cultural trauma; process marginalization or minority stress; heal from religious abuse; develop racial identity; and explore sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression in an affirming environment. I have experience integrating expressive art methods, dreamwork, and transpersonal/spiritual experiences in therapy. I love helping adults remember how to rest and play! 


In addition to deeper counseling work, I also offer coaching sessions for those seeking short-term support on a specific goal. One unique thing I can provide because of my background working as an artist and performer is performance-specific coaching with a mental health focus. Together we can game-plan how to optimize your (or your teen’s) artistic life in a way that is healthy for the whole person. 


I received my Masters of Science in Counseling from the University of North Texas, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate under the supervision of Katie Nix, MA LPC-Supervisor. 

Specialties include:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Depression, suicidal ideation, and self-harm

  • Grief

  • Managing difficult life transitions 

  • Work/Life Balance 

  • Building healthy relationships 

  • Trauma recovery 

  • Adult children of abusive/dysfunctional families 

  • Identity exploration 

  • LGBTQIA+ concerns, supporting LGBTQIA+ folx and family members

  • Gender specific issues (for men, women, and folx who identify as neither or both)

Types of Therapy: 

  • Play therapy with children ages 3-11

  • Adolescent therapy with teens aged 12-19

  • Individual therapy with college age and young professionals

  • Individual therapy with adults and older adults

  • Family sessions and parenting consultations 

  • Culturally responsive/affirming therapy 

  • Dreamwork and spiritual exploration 

  • Trauma-informed therapy 

  • Expressive arts therapy 

  • Walk and Talk sessions with us out in nature

  • Life coaching for clients who are psychologically stable and well-adjusted but need guidance

  • In person and/or telehealth sessions 



  • $120 per 50 minute session

Tel: 214-444-3649  |  

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